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No more dreaming like a girl... so in love with the wrong world...

While I do realise that my last few entries have been very melancholy, it seems that because L & S aren't on LJ very much at all anymore, I'm simply left alone with just my thoughts.

People say that opposites attract and this is true in many situations. It makes sense too; human beings have always been fascinated by the unknown and full of questions about it. So it makes sense that a person could be drawn to another person who is their polar opposite. It comes down to curiosity – we’re dying to know about what is strange, unfamiliar and mysterious to us. We want to get closer so that we can examine, reach out a hand and touch.

Opposites attract. Two people who are completely different and unsuitable for each other simply succumbing to curiosity. So what happens after that initial attraction; after the two opposites have come together? Do they stay there? Is it possible that they could?

People dream of finding their ‘soul-mate’; that perfect person who is their ideal match in every way and they complete each other in every way. They were made for each other and they will spend the rest of their lives together. But what if your soul-mate was the most imperfect person for you and did not match you in any way? Do you walk away because it’s too hard to learn to understand each other? Do you walk away because they don’t fit in with your life or your plans, because they had other plans aswell?

Maybe whoever came up with the idea of soul-mates got it wrong. Maybe you don’t need to be similar and ideally matched to be made for each other. Maybe your soul-mate is someone who was made to come into your life and affect you deeply, change you, surprise you, shock you to your core in a way which you keep with you forever.


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